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The production of chemicals covers all areas, from agriculture to industrial production. It can be said that today's most widely used disinfectants, petroleum oils, gasoline, etc. Such items are provided to customers by our company.

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Construction Materials

Construction materials include equipment used in the construction of the facility. Clay, sand and small pieces of rock, which are mostly natural materials, are used here. These products, which are also used in construction, are needed to add durability and strength to the construction.

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Electrical equipment

All equipment, including the production, distribution and use of electricity, is included here. All electrical equipment used in construction and non-construction areas is provided by us to customers.

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Industrial equipment

After the 4th industrial revolution, the expanding industrial equipment became more and more necessary in small and large construction sites, in the oil and gas industry. Our company provides our customers with high-quality and affordable equipment on the market.

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Concrete and Asphalt

Concrete is effectively selected, thoroughly mixed and compacted, resulting from the hardening of the mixture, which consists of any mineral adhesive, filler, water and sometimes special additives. Asphalt is a by-product of crude oil processing, containing heavy metals and sulfur. It is mainly used for paving the road, and sometimes to strengthen the roofs of houses.

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Black and Non-Ferrous Metal

Ferrous metal is mostly used in the manufacture of electrical equipment, automobiles, industries, railways, engines. This is due to the high content of carbon, which does not allow the carbon metal to corrode. The main feature of ferrous metal is its magnetic composition.

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Why Prof Solutions?

The year-round expansion of the oil and gas industry and growing construction needs also increase interest in transit and logistics. As a result of this interest, many companies are emerging in the field of transit and logistics.

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What we need to pay attention to during transportation

Transportation of materials and equipment is a difficult and responsible field. For this reason, we should not understand transit and logistics as "moving a product from one place to another."

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