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Oil and gas

There is always a demand for oil-based products, and this demand continues to grow throughout the year. The high demand increases the responsibility for the transportation of equipment in this area

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Buildings, facilities and industrial facilities brought by the engineer from the foundation of an area to a usable condition are grouped under the name of construction. That is, the construction continues from the construction of the temporary concrete frame to the transition to the repair phase.

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Other areas

We offer you not only the transit and logistics of oil, gas and construction, but also services in all areas where equipment and materials are needed.

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Latest blog posts:

Why Prof Solutions?

The year-round expansion of the oil and gas industry and growing construction needs also increase interest in transit and logistics. As a result of this interest, many companies are emerging in the field of transit and logistics.

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What we need to pay attention to during transportation

Transportation of materials and equipment is a difficult and responsible field. For this reason, we should not understand transit and logistics as "moving a product from one place to another."

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